Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan – January 14, 2017

Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan – January 14, 2017 FULL HD REPLAY

Marc Logan (born c. 1971) is a Filipino broadcast journalist, TV host, and radio commentator who specializes in satirical and comical infotainment.

He is popularly known for his tongue-in-cheek reporting and comedic voice overs. Logan is also active in social media and tabloids providing infotainment.

In 1997, Marc Logan was hired to become the news reader of humorous trivial segments and features of TV Patrol, the flagship national network news broadcast of the ABS-CBN station.

Logan introduced the concept of infotainment, information combined with entertainment news.

He is currently the host of Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan, a weekly entertainment show which features humorous videos collected from social media posts.

Logan also previously hosted a show with the same concept titled Vid-Joking.

Logan’s segment on TV Patrol is also named “Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan” and previously as “Meron Akong Kwento”.

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